Cardboard Recycling

Newport Recycling’s cardboard buying service makes selling us your recyclable cardboard as easy and simple as possible.

Our recycled cardboard helps to produce new packaging materials including cardboard boxes and cardboard fluting.

Our cardboard buying team will check to fully understand what your needs are. We will collect information about the materials we are purchasing, including samples in order to ensure that we can guarantee product quality and that the materials are recycled to the highest functional use.

Our cardboard buying service covers all grades of cardboard, typically post-consumer.

  • Old Corrugated card (OCC)

  • Packaging Card

  • Scan board

  • Other variations of card

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    Why Use Our cardboard Buying Service

    • Market leading prices

    • Short or long term contracts

    • 100% of materials recycled

    • Efficient logistics

    • High quality

    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards
    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards