Paper Recycling – Purchasing Bulk Paper Mixed papers

Newport Recycling’s paper buying service makes selling us your paper for recycling as easy and simple as possible.

Recycled paper, including card, covers many different shapes and sizes, for example newspapers, magazines, phone directories, office waste, waste paper, confidential documents and bulk paper products.

We supply directly to paper mills in the UK, Europe and the Far East. We supply to paper mills in Vietnam through our strong partnerships with the local reprocessors.

We also sell paper for recycling to companies in the UK who manufacture fibre bed pans, ceiling tiles, loft insulation and animal bedding.

Our team of experts can provide a hassle free way of recycling your paper.

Our paper buying service covers all grades of paper and cardboard, typically post-consumer.

  • Baled or Loose Paper

  • Clean or Contaminated Paper

  • OCC, News & Pams, Mixed Papers, Printers Grades

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    Why Use Our Paper Buying Service

    • Market leading prices

    • Short or long term contracts

    • 100% of materials recycled

    • Efficient logistics

    • High quality

    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards
    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards