Purchasing Bulk Cans – Steel and Aluminium Cans Recycling

Newport Recycling’s can buying service makes selling us your recyclable steel and aluminium cans as easy and simple as possible.

Many of the food and drink products we buy are packaged in cans made from either aluminium or steel and both of these materials can be recycled after we have finished with them to make either new cans or other products.

The long term contract we have with our mills in the UK and abroad guarantees our suppliers both market leading prices and security of off-take.

Our recycled can buying service includes:

  • Steel Cans

  • Aluminium Cans

  • Baled or Loose

  • Clean or Contaminated

  • Contaminated and Low Grade Steel

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    Why Use Our can recycling Service

    • Market leading prices

    • Short or long term contracts

    • 100% of materials recycled

    • Efficient logistics

    • High quality

    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards
    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards