Used Tyres Recycling

At Newport Recycling we can remove your used tyres for recycling and maintain a transparent audit trail throughout the recycling process.

Because tyres are highly durable and non-biodegradable, they can consume valued space in landfills. Our partners who specialise in pyrolysis technology have made tyres suitable targets for recycling despite their bulk and resilience.

We can collect all types of used tyres for recycling such as car and van, truck and trailer, tractor tyres and industrial tyres and tyres for earth mover vehicles.

In addition our experts are able to talk to you about taking contaminated and mixed loads of tyres.

Used tyres recycling - Our buying service includes:

  • Car, industrial and agricultural tyres

  • Baled or loose

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    Why Use Our Tyres recycling Service

    • Market leading prices

    • Short or long term contracts

    • 100% of materials recycled

    • Efficient logistics

    • High quality

    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards
    Newport Recycling Policies and ISO Quality Standards