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Happy International Women’s Day! Today isn’t just a day for celebration; it’s a reminder of the vital role women play in our industry and our commitment to inclusivity at Newport Recycling.

#InspireInclusion: Our Core at Newport Recycling

This year’s #IWD theme is “#InspireInclusion,” a principle that resonates deeply with us. Since the inception of Newport Recycling, our mission has been to champion #inclusivity, fostering a workplace where the woman’s experience and reality are central to our ethos. We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every member of our team at Newport Recycling, who advocates for and contributes to this mission daily.

Celebrating Our Trailblazing Women

In our industry, women like Tracey Hamer, our Commercial Manager, and Rachel Routledge, one of our regional managers, are not just employees; they are the bedrock of our success. Their leadership, insight, and dedication illustrate the strength and potential of women in waste management and recycling.

Why Women’s Perspectives Are Crucial in Our Sector

It’s clear that we need more women in our field. Women are often the driving force behind recycling and eco-awareness in homes, making their perspectives invaluable to our industry. By understanding societal attitudes towards waste from a woman’s viewpoint, we can innovate and progress towards more effective and sustainable practices. Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level is not just a goal; it’s a necessity for our industry. We’re committed to creating a supportive, empowering environment that uplifts women, enhancing their confidence and encouraging more talented females to join our ranks.

Looking Forward With Hope and Determination

As we commemorate International Women’s Day, we look forward to the continued progress and the journey ahead. We aim to make the waste management and recycling sector more inclusive, valuing the indispensable role of women in our mission for a greener future. By valuing every contribution and ensuring every voice is heard, we can shape a more sustainable, equitable world for everyone.