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By Callum Aris – Strategic Growth Manager

Early December saw Tracey Hamer and I dive headfirst into the whirlwind of the Indian recovered paper markets at 2023’s PaperEx in Noida, India.

The 2023 PaperEx, marking its 16th International Technical Conference on Pulp, Paper, and Allied Industries, was nothing short of a global summit. It united technology suppliers, renowned scientists, and industry leaders in an unparalleled forum. As a biennial event, it’s the go-to place for paper industry professionals, offering a fertile ground for sharing knowledge and spurring the growth of the Indian paper sector.

This year’s PaperEx was more than just a convergence point; it was a catalyst for forging significant business ties. It bridged the gap between suppliers and buyers in the Indian paper market, paving the way for the creation of lasting, fruitful partnerships. Amidst this global epicentre for paper and recycling innovations, we immersed ourselves in learning and seizing every opportunity. We set out to broaden our perspectives, forge connections with future partners, and strengthen the ties with our current clients.

Our journey from London to Delhi, though lengthy, set the stage for our immersive experience. The vastness of PaperEx, sprawling across three halls, presented an awe-inspiring landscape of innovation and creativity. Contrasting with the more subdued nature of UK recycling shows, PaperEx brought a Hollywood-esque flair to the world of recycled materials and recovered paper.

Beyond the initial astonishment, we immersed ourselves in the core activities of the event. Meeting with existing clients and networking with potential customers formed the crux of our agenda, and with over 600 papermills in India there is a lot of networking to be done. The following day mirrored this routine but with a broader exploration of the diverse offerings at the exhibition. We met with many interesting people and a multitude of potential customers. Our evenings in Noida were a cultural immersion, celebrating local cuisine with our clients and partners, and adding a rich cultural dimension to our business interactions. Despite the whirlwind nature of our visit and the time constraints, Tracey and I dedicated Friday morning to a rapid tour of the local sights, ensuring we fully embraced the cultural aspects of the region. Friday afternoon saw the last of the networking at the expo and one final client meeting in the evening.

Reflecting on our journey, the PaperEx 2023 experience was more than just an exploration of business development opportunities; it represented another step forward in our understanding of global trends in recycled materials and sustainable practices. The insights we gained from interacting with paper mills and various industry stakeholders at the event are invaluable. They have provided us with fresh perspectives on sustainable waste management and innovative approaches to recycled paper.

Looking ahead, Newport Recycling is poised to harness these learnings to enhance our operational strategies and customer engagement. Our time at PaperEx has not only reaffirmed our commitment to sustainable solutions but has also equipped us to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the evolving global recycled materials market. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making this experience both memorable and fruitful. The journey might have concluded, but the path towards integrating these insights into Newport Recycling’s mission for a sustainable and innovative future in recycled materials has just begun.